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The Most Unexpected Corner Cases

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2023 7:11 am
by Souravseoxpte23
We could not use Wi-Fi to communicate the sensor with the hub, because we would lose in reliability and communication range. In addition, Ajax would become dependent on the object's WiFi infrastructure. It was critical to get a device with autonomy at the level of other Ajax security sensors. Jeweler, which has proven itself well, was not suitable for transferring images - too much data. And we developed a new radio protocol — Wings. Ajax MotionCam Prototype Ajax MotionCam sensor You will receive an image from the scene in less than 9 seconds after motion is detected, and the alarm will still come in seconds. Thanks to the range of communication with the hub up to 1700 meters.

The sensor is easy to install where it will be most effective. Even in case of communication interruptions and weak signal. We are sure that such motion sensors are the future. Image resolution up Iceland Phone Number List to 640x480 px Communication range up to 1700 meters Duration of operation from complete batteries up to 4 years On sale 4th quarter of 2019 Learn more about MotionCam Enterprise API Large service companies serving thousands of objects will have the opportunity to integrate Ajax devices into their software complexes using the API . To administer directly, without using Ajax applications. Available From the 4th quarter of 2018 Learn more about the Enterprise API.


The update of OS Malevich 2.7 , Ajax systems will receive support for the second communication protocol — SIA . Support for this communication protocol guarantees the compatibility of the security system with the remote controls of most security and service companies in Western Europe. Millions of people will be able to use Ajax for professional home and property protection. Security Industry Association (SIA) protocol The security system will be able to exchange information with the security panel not only through the Contact ID protocol through the Ajax Translator receiver, but also directly through the SIA protocol.